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I love films! I watch all kinds of movies. My favorites are horror films. The cheesier the better. Although, my taste has changed a bit on that. I like a horror movie that plays on my mind a bit and makes me jump. I like the dark shadow lurking in the corner as the actress gets out of bed for a glass of water. I often ruin movies when I watch them with other people. I know plots very well and can often predict an ending just by looking at the cover or title of a movie. There are a few films that surprise me. I'm also a writer of screenplays. I currently have two in the works. Writing is a talent that I was born with and I have never stopped doing it. Sometimes it feels like a job, but so what, it pays. I'm writing a few novels too. I guess I'm just a writer waiting for people to enjoy my stuff. I give a pretty good synopsis of films and people pay attention to my suggestions. Knowing that makes me happy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Working for free in the film biz

I am getting a little sick and tired of trying to find a job that pays in the film biz. Every ad I see wants the blood from you and then in bold letters at the end of that ad is, "YOU WILL NOT BE PAID, BUT YOU WILL GET HANDS ON EXPERIENCE AND MAKE INDUSTRY CONTACTS" This may be true for most jobs, but not true at all for the rest. It's disturbing how many schools offer film production as a course knowing damn well that their students may never find the job they are looking for. It takes time and dedication to pursue a career in film. Lets not even mention the cost of cameras, lighting kits, sound kits, editing software, etc. I'm talking thousands of dollars on education and equipment and these people don't want to pay you to do their work? I saw an ad once by an independent director who wanted an intern(that evil word) to transcribe 50 hours of footage, log and capture this footage and then edit it together. I wonder if that person knows how many hours all that takes. In the end, you will get experience, but where is all that experience going to take you if everyone labels you an intern who doesn't get paid? The worst part of all this is that most of the time you can't get hired as an intern or get job training from a studio if you are not enrolled in school. I ask myself how a busy college student is suppose to find time to intern 20-30 hours a week and go to school and work so they can support themselves. The world has changed and the myth that a college student fully funded by their parents and has free time to intern for free, no longer exists. Bottom line, everyone who goes to school and educates themselves deserves to be paid for their talents.

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