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I love films! I watch all kinds of movies. My favorites are horror films. The cheesier the better. Although, my taste has changed a bit on that. I like a horror movie that plays on my mind a bit and makes me jump. I like the dark shadow lurking in the corner as the actress gets out of bed for a glass of water. I often ruin movies when I watch them with other people. I know plots very well and can often predict an ending just by looking at the cover or title of a movie. There are a few films that surprise me. I'm also a writer of screenplays. I currently have two in the works. Writing is a talent that I was born with and I have never stopped doing it. Sometimes it feels like a job, but so what, it pays. I'm writing a few novels too. I guess I'm just a writer waiting for people to enjoy my stuff. I give a pretty good synopsis of films and people pay attention to my suggestions. Knowing that makes me happy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Movie Kick Ass is well, KICK ASS!

I finally gave in and watched the movie, Kick Ass. I am not really a super hero movie lover, but lately there has been allot of great ones hitting the screen. I originally thought that Kick Ass was a spoof movie on super hero films. Boy was I wrong! I could not believe how well this movie was put together and all the surprise twists that it had. Even better is that Brad Pitt( who I am guessing is in charge of Plan B Productions now) was a producer on the film. What really makes Kick Ass so Kick Ass is that you can't predict what is going to happen. This is not the kind of movie where the un-likely hero wins in the end, atleast he doesn't win entirely. Actually, the movie is kind of dark and I was surprised at all the violence! Not that I mind or anything, but an 11-year-old girl killing people and being a weapons of mass destruction expert? That was something that was a little hard to swallow, especially at the end when she goes skipping into school all pig tailed and bright eyed. Mark Walhberg was one of the actors tapped to play, Big Daddy in the film. I feel that he would have done a better job because he really blends comedy and drama well on screen. Nicolas Cage, not so much. I felt like he portrayed his character as if he was trying to be fake. Christoper Mintz- Plasse played a good role as an aspiring villain/ super hero/friend. I don't know why most of the marketing was done with audience members shouting about how much they love Kick Ass. Just having Christoper in the film would have been enough for me to go see this film. Overall, I enjoyed Kick Ass and will watch it again when I get a craving. I know that there is a sequel in the works and this time I'll be in theatres to watch all the action on the big screen. Genius out!

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